Sell Your House Fast in London

Selling a property can be a minefield. But the London property market has its own unique set of considerations that come into play, especially when you’re trying to sell up sharpish.

The city’s got some of the country’s most desirable amenities and steer-free zones sitting shoulder-to-shoulder, with the UK’s most prestigious postcodes and some of the most desperately deprived districts making house prices and desirability wildly fluctuate within individual neighbourhoods.

Some of the city’s most downcast districts have been rebadged of late into vibrant, up-and-coming addresses, while the property market for some of the more pricey and coveted places to lay down roots have been struggling in comparison to recoup their former value.

With the current property market having been a bit sluggish with the economic uncertainty around Brexit, just what can you do to guarantee to maximise the chances of selling your London pad in a tight timescale?

Let’s consider why selling up in a hurry could suddenly become a priority.

  • Perhaps you’re fast growing your family and growing out of your property.
  • Maybe it’s time to downsize, move away or move on up the property ladder.

There are many reasons why selling up quickly might be your priority once you’ve made the decision to put your house on the market. Yes, the luxury of playing the long-game when it comes to making a sale might get you the top asking price if you have the luxury of time on your side, but if you’re battling to get an offer accepted elsewhere or you need to up sticks at short notice, selling up and drawing a line under that phase of your life could prove more profitable than being lumbered with two mortgages or taking on a temporary rental.