How To Sell Your House Fast – Top Tips

1. Find a good agent

Decide how you are going to sell. Are you going through an auction or estate agent? Finding the right middleman can drastically increase your chances of a speedy sale. Look for reputable estate agents with quick turnarounds, and get recommendations where you can. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a super speedy sale, consider property buying agents like Sell My House Fast or Property Escape.

2. Take great pictures

When your property is listed make sure the photos are clear, attractive and well-lit. Clear away any clutter or personal affects – try to make it as blank a slate as possible to give viewers the chance to envisage it as their home.

3. Clean up, tidy & declutter

Tidying up, making the beds, decluttering – all of this helps to appeal to prospective buyers. People want to be able to imagine living in your property, so homely touches will help them with that thought process. Pop out some flowers, hide the dustbins and clean up!

4. Don’t forget the outside

Make sure your gardens are in tip top condition, so that the viewers’ first impression is a good one. Focus especially on the front garden or driveway, and consider a fresh coat of paint to the façade. You never get a second chance at a first impression.

5. The first bite is with the… nose?

Smell is incredibly powerful for us humans – and home viewings are no exceptions. To really help make your home appealing to viewers, try some baking or some essential oils. These will make your home smell amazing – and buyers will respond positively.

6. Light your way to success

Studies have shown that better lighting increases customer shopping habits in retail stores. Your home isn’t any different. Dingy rooms are a real turn off for prospective buyers, so make sure that any natural light is well used, and the lightbulbs are all on!

7. Consider some home improvements

A new kitchen, a refitted bathroom, new cupboards – these are great incentives to buy, and can mean you can increase your asking price. Nowadays, not many people want to buy a fixer-upper, and there’s so many properties to choose from that buyers can take their pick. Give your property a Unique Selling Point with something new and gorgeous.

8. Choose your moment

If possible, try to pick the ideal time to pop your house on the market. Generally speaking, the best time would be between April and July. You want to avoid being too close to Christmas as typically people don’t want to move around the holidays. The market seems to explode after Easter and maintain a high level of interest up until the beginning of the school holidays. In the current climate, buyers can take advantage of no stamp duty on properties worth up to half a million – so now may be a good time to list.

9. Incentivise

Can you knock off some pennies off the price? Can you leave some furniture? Would you be willing to pay some of the solicitor’s fees to ensure a quick sale? Everyone loves a good deal so if you’re in a position to offer some freebies, you’ll find the sale much faster.

10.  Don’t be afraid to market outside of the box

If you’re having trouble, consider some less traditional routes. Social media advertising can bring in great results, as can multi-agent listings. Rightmove is a great site for visibility and shareability so plenty of people will see your home.